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An international phone call in pyjamas
This story begins with an early morning international phone call.
I answer the phone to the startling words, "I'm in Singapore, I'm in my pyjamas, and I can't find any case studies."
It's my boss, and he's preparing for a high-value client pitch. He's frustrated because he can't locate crucial evidence about previous projects that proves that he can deliver on his promises. In a panic, he has rung me in the UK to help.
Bleary-eyed, and also in my pyjamas, I search multiple online systems to see if I can locate the relevant case studies.
I find several but they are of varying quality, so I hastily rewrite a few, pull them together into a PowerPoint deck and send them over.
Fresh from breakfast, he is relieved to see my email sitting in his in-box. He calls me to thank me, and asks, "Why the *?!?!? can't I just get these on my phone?"
It should be easy ... but it's not
Creating and managing business case studies is one of those thorny business processes that *should* be straightforward, yet rarely is.
Case studies - also called credentials or success stories - are an important asset to build your reputation and grow your business.
A single case study can be used multiple times as evidence for bids, pitches and proposals; as social proof for your website, marketing brochures and newsletters; and to drive press and social media campaigns.
In an ideal world, you would diligently write up a case study at the end of every project. In reality, it’s difficult to find the time. Common problems include:
After running into these issues at many organizations, I started to wonder how to solve the problem holistically, from the time pressure that prevents a decent write-up, to providing a secure storage repository through to generating maximum return on investment for each case study.
Partnering up with Google engineer David Stewart, we have developed a unique approach that combines technical tools with access to high quality writers with industry experience.
We are here to take the pain out of case studies, so that you can focus on what matters – your client.