Why Case Studies Matter for Startups

Pressure. That’s the most overwhelming thing about startups: the non-stop, 24-hour-a-day, absolutely-no-respite pressure. It’s all about maximising your time, making sure you’re doing the right things, and doing them as fast as humanly possible. The problem is, everyone else is doing it like that too. 


How are you going to stand out, without a huge marketing budget – or, indeed, any idea about how to do marketing? Dammit, Jim, I’m a key disruptor in Fintech, not a digital marketing specialist! 


Let’s look at how case studies will differentiate you from the competition in an often very crowded marketplace, save money, and help you appear to be what you are: authentic. 


6 steps to making case studies work for your startup: 








All these things are easy to demonstrate in a case study: it makes a really effective container for your ideas, achievements and progress to date. And because it’s compact, readable, and - most importantly – shareable, you can get your case studies in front of the right people as soon as they’re written. 


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