COST SAVING £239k on Occupational Health Services

by Terri Hudson | 4 January 2017

COST SAVING £239k on Occupational Health Services


Savings result: 19.9% £239k

An education establishment client with a baseline spend of £1.2M Occupational Health services including pre-screening health checks, ongoing health services and health insurance.




  • To reduce the cost of services
  • Secure a fixed term agreement
  • Fix prices for the duration of the agreement including costs associated with staffing, travel, testing, IT equipment & training
  • To observe the EU procurement regulations




  • Auction Lotting strategy was defined region by service requirement
  • An entry level was set at 1% below baseline
  • Identified and qualified 37 certified suppliers through search and RFI process
  • 6 suppliers placed bids including the incumbent
  • Designed and built a Price Only Reverse English eAuction with ranking to meet the project needs




  • 9% savings, £239k
  • Negotiation concluded in 49 minutes with multiple time extensions




Terri Hudson


Health, Education

Success factors

Cost saving, Makes the world a better place


Cost savings

£100,000 – 250,000