National Citizen Service pro bono mentoring

by Darren Baker | 13 July 2016

National Citizen Service pro bono mentoring


The Challenge is part of the National Citizen’s Service, a personal and social development programme for young people aged 15 to 17. 

As part of The Challenge, young people are invited to try out new activities, learn new skills and meet new people, with a view to boosting their confidence and improving their future outlook. 

Darren was recruited by The Challenge to work with a group of young people in his capacity as a photography practitioner, sharing with them the skills he uses each day and encouraging them to try out photography for themselves. 

Project approach

Darren delivered an engaging presentation in a school setting, telling the students how he came to set up DPI Photography and sharing with them some of the tricks of his trade. 

The photographer took a portable studio to the school, which allowed him to demonstrate to the young people how he approaches a photographic brief, as well as the technical side of capturing the perfect image. 

Following this activity, the students put together their own presentations and were afforded the opportunity to ask Darren questions.  


Although it was challenging to face a group of young people, Darren found the experience of sharing his knowledge and practical skills very rewarding.   


Darren Baker

I started my Photography as a hobby and turned it into a business. The best part of my work is creating images of amazing buildings!


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Darren Baker