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Growth through leadership, empowerment and action

by Ken Hettiarachi | 7 February 2017

Growth through leadership, empowerment and action

Issues that block career and personal fulfillment

Lack of confidence and procrastination are common issues that block individuals from identifying and achieving their personal and career goals.
Negative thinking and the resulting patterns of behavior can be very difficult to change, especially when they are reinforced through self-fulfilling prophecies and embedded beliefs about oneself.
Achieving happiness, fulfillment and attaining career goals are possible for everyone. Practical techniques like interview performance can be learnt, and self-limiting beliefs can evolve.

Unique coaching programme that empowers people to move past their issues

Ken Hettiarachi at Freedom Works UK has over ten years of experience as a coach. He has developed the Life Works Be Free Be A Leader (Life Works) programme, inspired by philosophical and psychological 
insights from the work of Werner Erhard, Eckhart Tolle, T'Harve Ecker, Tony Robbins and others.
The programme empowers individuals to apply these insights to their daily lives over periods of several months to reach their goals. 
A core concept is that life is not fixed and that individuals can reframe their perspective to one of opportunity.
Individuals are given the tools to assess challenging issues and circumstances objectively and understand the mechanics behind them, to find the most effective way to improve them.
Leadership to self and others as an author of one's life instead of a follower of "a system" is also an important aspect of the training. 
Confidentiality is a critical part of the programme. All participants agree to a confidentiality statement which creates a warm, non-judgmental space for individuals to share personal issues and support one 
another in their personal and professional development.
Here are some of their stories: 

Bayo – from redundancy to leadership

"Over the past 3 and a half years, the tools and techniques I have taken away from Freedom Works UK has given me a whole new outlook on life. The knowledge that I can actually reach my dreams has opened a new chapter in my life and my career. Chris and Ken have afforded to that."
Bayo Igoh, Assistant Director of Housing, Leading London Borough
Bayo is a housing specialist, with over 20 years of experience. A senior manager with a Housing Association, Bayo was made redundant in 2013 and contacted Freedom Works UK for support.
He joined Life Works, a seven month programme that develops confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. The programme helps individuals to look at the barriers that stop them from taking on leadership roles and gives them amazing but simple tools to be powerful and effective in defying the odds and winning.
Bayos five-year plan was to become a Director of Housing for a London Borough. His immediate goal post-redundancy was to join another organisation as a Director, one step higher than his previous role. Attaining a Director level role is a difficult move from redundancy, as the usual route is via internal promotion or a sideways move from another organisation.
Life Works gave Bayo the tools and techniques to identify his ideal job, and perform to his highest potential during the interview process. He was delighted to be appointed as a Director of Local Community Integration at a leading housing organisation in 2015.
Bayo achieved this career success against a background of major family responsibilities. His wife was expecting twins and had experienced complications which meant that she was unable to work. Life Works gave Bayo a strong foundation to achieve his career objectives and provide for his family.
Freedom Works UK continued to support Bayo after the end of the course with coaching and mentoring. In his role at the housing organisation he was working for, Bayo encountered some very challenging situations, including serious crimes committed on the housing estates within in his jurisdiction.Bayo leadership skills were called upon to deal with internal enquiries, press coverage and community liaison.
Three years after his first coaching session with Freedom Works UK, Bayo is close to achieving his five-year plan. Following a series of practice interviews for similar roles, and with the ongoing support of Freedom Works UK, Bayo has been offered the position of Assistant Director of Housing at a leading London Borough.
The future looks very positive for Bayo and his family, and Freedom Works UK are proud to have supported him on his journey.

Audrey – empowered to build her career

"The program has been an amazing experience! 7 months was the right time to understand my issues and learn to know me and what I want in life. I’m so much in control of my life. I improved my self-esteem and I’m so much more kind with myself than I was before. I have the confidence to do whatever I take on and not give up. My social anxiety and depression has gone and I actually feel happy. Thank you so much Ken for your patience and your coaching!"
Audrey Camizuli, Midwife and future business woman
Audrey is a 3 year qualified midwife. She moved to the United Kingdom from France to work at Watford General Hospital to extend her experience and gain confidence.
Audrey suffers from social anxiety, and depression, and began to find work very stressful. She was sensitive to criticism from others, and very self-critical. She felt isolated as her friends and family were all in France, and lacked the confidence to go out and make new friends.
Audrey wanted to improve her situation, so she attended the Freedom Works UK Confidence and Self Esteem Meet Up Group, and joined Life Works in June 2016.
Participating in Life Works was a big step for Audrey, as she had to confide in her Matron and request time off to attend the programme. Being honest about her social anxiety lead to a breakthrough, where she was able to recognize herself as a powerful person. The Matron was understanding, granted her request and has become an important ally for her.
The early stages of the programme were challenging as Audreys social anxiety got worse before it got better. Understanding the causes behind her anxiety was a long process, and it has taken lots of practice for Audrey to be able to catch herself slipping into anxious thinking and stop it.
Now that her social anxiety has improved, she has the space to consider what she really wants in life. Midwifery is a high pressure profession involving demanding shiftwork. Audrey has started to explore alternative career paths, taking concrete steps to research which would be best for her long term future.
One option is to move out of midwifery to start a dog walking business in Paris, based on her love of exercise and the insights of a friend who runs a cat sitting service.
Alternatively, she can continue in her professional field as an independent midwife in France. This will give her greater control of her shifts. Audrey has registered with the local hospital and has taken on a senior Midwife as a mentor, initially working for her for the hours she wanted, working less and getting
paid more.
With the help of Freedom Works UK Audrey has her social anxiety under control and is excited to see where her future career plans will lead.

Mia – taking action for business success

"I’ve learnt to enjoy things in the moment, I have a more positive outlook, everything is a lot easier and freer and I’m more in control."
Mia Crowther, Managing Director, Ecclectic Utilities
Mia is a full time employee and a part time entrepreneur.
Mia wants to make her utility switching business successful to the point where she can run it full time, but procrastination has got in her way. Mia has been trying to establish her business against a background of personal issues around housing and an unsatisfying full time job. The issues combined to create frustration and undermine Mia's motivation.
As a Life Works participant, Mia has learnt about how individuals create their own reality by assigning meaning to issues. By understanding the power of self-communication, Mia has been able to focus and take action to develop her business. The programme has helped Mia to reduce the feelings of overwhelm, and make the right decisions for her future.
As a result, her business is growing. With the support of Freedom Works UK, Mia is determined to continue to take the necessary actions to build her business, and develop herself as a leader to reach her entrepreneurial objectives.


Ken Hettiarachi

Executive, Careers and Personal Coaching professional with 20 years of experience in coaching and training. Ken is also is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner who has been practicing Shiatsu since November 2007 when he set up Yo-Shiatsu.