Demands grows for wireless patient monitor system

by Contact Innovate UK | 17 February 2017


Health business Isansys Lifecare has developed a wireless system that allows doctors to monitor patients at all times from anywhere.

Revolutionising monitoring of patients

A groundbreaking monitoring system developed by Isansys Lifecare that receives signals from wireless sensors on a patient is being shipped to hospitals around the world.

The patient status engine receives patients’ vital signs from wearable wireless sensors. It lets healthcare providers monitor patients at all times, in real time, wherever they are, allowing speedier detection of changes in their condition.

Researchers and clinicians are also using data from the system to investigate improved treatments for a host of conditions.

System trialled at Birmingham Children's Hospital

The patient status engine and Lifetouch wireless heart monitor – one of the system’s key sensors – were first trialled at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, Aston University and McLaren Applied Technologies. The Health Innovation Challenge Fund awarded £1.8 million for the three-year trial.

Abingdon-based Isansys launched the second generation of the system in 2016. It has shipped it to hospitals in Scotland, Germany, Norway and India, and continues to process orders from all over the world.

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