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Building a "value for money" society

by Sarah Rollason | 23 November 2016

Building a


The Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) provides leadership and promotes excellence across all fields of engineering, to the benefit of society. 

Prederi was commissioned by the RAE to support a major change programme, focused on improving the RAE’s management of public money and to build a culture of securing “value for money” from its investments. Working with the Royal Academy of Engineering to improve its business processes for managing Grants.

Project approach

The RAE wanted to ensure its Grant Management processes are as efficient and effective as possible and follow best practice. They also wanted to improve the management of risk throughout the end-to-end process.

Prederi mapped the RAE’s existing processes and critiqued these with staff, at all levels of the organisation, to identify opportunities to reduce administrative tasks, allowing more time to be spent on the value-added activities, such as the evaluation of the outcomes from its funded research.


The RAE have used the new process models to select and implement a new Grants Management system which supports its improved business processes and reduces the inherent risks within their previous systems and process.


Sarah Rollason

Sarah is a Project Manager and Researcher with 7 years professional experience. She has worked across multiple sectors, including education, training, health and regulation.



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