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Developing a Strategy Narrative for Newham CCG

by Sarah Rollason | 23 November 2016

Developing a Strategy Narrative for Newham CCG


Prederi was commissioned by Newham CCG to construct an extended narrative description of its commissioning strategy over 2 and 5 years, to provide a foreword to its Operating Plan and facilitate common understanding of the CCG’s agenda amongst members and staff.


Having completed a year since its formation, Newham CCG had moved local commissioning forward on a number of fronts, and was looking to develop a single accessible description of its strategic commissioning agenda to communicate its plans externally and achieve a common understanding of the full picture across member practices and staff. 

Drawing on a range of existing documents and plans, we developed in a single document a snapshot of Newham CCG’s strategic thinking, achievements and current plans. This was designed to provide a rapid overview of the CCG’s complete agenda and to signpost readers to existing documents containing more detailed information. 

The output was used as the foreword to the CCG’s Operating Plan submission.


The exercise prompted the CCG to review and rebalance its strategic goals. 

 Having focused since its formation on improving care for people with long term conditions and working with local system partners to secure high quality and sustainable acute services, the CCG defined a new goal for maternity and children in response to the local demographic, and a goal around the development of commissioning expertise.


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