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Driving forward a business culture across MOD

by Sarah Rollason | 23 November 2016

Driving forward a business culture across MOD

Client testimonial

“This is the best public sector course in the country on managing resources” HM Treasury Director


Prederi staff designed and delivered a highly successful course at Henley Management College for senior leaders of the MoD to better appreciate that we are in a world of scarce resources and value for money is paramount. 

The course ran for over four years, during which time around a hundred Director level staff were trained in financial and resource management.

Project approach

The MoD recognised the need for senior people to understand and interpret financial information in order to be able to deliver successful programmes. 

Prederi was commissioned to design and deliver a tailored learning intervention which focused on creating the capability to manage MoD’s increasingly scarce resources (including suppliers) through developing a commercial mind-set and driving forward a business culture across MoD. 

Prederi’s approach to training is always based on an understanding of the Client’s intended Outcomes; we adapted our design, delivery and evaluation activities to reflect those outcomes. 

We assessed the Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge of the MoD’s senior leaders to determine the desired new skills and knowledge required. We then worked with MoD to design and deliver an innovative training experience which had a high impact, created engagement and improved individual and collective effectiveness. 

The design of the course was based on Professional Skills for Government competences and covered:

  • economic theory and government planning 
  • financial management 
  • performance management (the Balanced Scorecard) 
  • different ways of problem solving and systems thinking 
  • managing changeproject, 
  • programme and risk management


The course transformed peoples understanding of how to run their operation as a business. It gave attendees the confidence to question performance figures and financial numbers. Something that in the past they were unwilling and unable to query. 

The HM Treasury Director said “this is the best public sector course in the country on managing resources”.


Sarah Rollason

Sarah is a Project Manager and Researcher with 7 years professional experience. She has worked across multiple sectors, including education, training, health and regulation.