Casa Grande – a migration from retail to wholesale

by Nigel Davey | 6 September 2016

Casa Grande – a migration from retail to wholesale

Client testimonial

"The support and coaching Casa Grande received from Nigel was fundamental to influence positively our decision making process, we realized that our growth depended on being based in a commercial kitchen , which would allow us to supply our products to other business as well as the direct consumer. This was an essential part of our growth plan, which led us to raise the finance to make the necessary changes."

Derek Curtis, Director, Casa Grande


After being referred, Casa Grande made use of the Growth Accelerator programme to improve their business performance. 

Originally purely a retail business, with sales made at farmers’ markets across south-east London, they made their pasta in their kitchen. It was then dried in he corner of their lounge. They wanted to move the business forward, to look at other opportunities to grow. 

SME Needs worked with them over a period of two months. The time was spent developing a programme of activity to move them from a retail to a wholesales business.The company moved into a commercial kitchen. This allowed more cost-effective production and to separate their home and work lives. 

Much of the work was around communicating the locality of ingredients (everything came from the UK) and their quality. This was done through changes to the website, to their outbound communication and simply by talking to the right people.  


Casa Grande is now totally organic and has increased total revenue by more than 20% in a year. 

The emphasis has moved from 100% retail to 100% wholesale. They now supply dozens of independent food retailers, one organic chain and are working with two distributors. 

Conversations with Harrods and Waitrose are also taking place.


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