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Driving startup growth through sales and marketing

by Lucy Paine | 24 February 2017

Driving startup growth through sales and marketing

Client testimonial

"Like many small businesses, our sales and marketing activities are among many priorities competing for limited resource. The Catalyst resource enables us to ensure that we are consistently presenting the KnowCo message to our target audience, taking all available opportunities to build and deepen relationships. Joseph thinks deeply about what we're trying to do, and adds useful insights and ideas of his own - he's become one of the KnowCo team." 

Paul Ashton, Head of Consulting, KnowCo

Client profile

The 2008 recession changed the way financial instituitons are regulated, with the introduction of tougher regulations and financial reporting requirements. KnowCo's solution is a smart software tool, enabling fast compliance and minimising risk.


KnowCo started working with Sussex Innovation's Catalyst team as soon as they moved into our Croydon centre.

We have helped them find new ways to present their solution to the market. through traditional sales activities and using insight to showcase their industry thought leadership.


KnowCo has collaborated with a number of the Catalyst team.

Most recently Joseph has taken up the role of sales and marketing support.


KnowCo required a foot in the door to get firms trialling their software and expand their client base.

Catalyst provided sales and marketing support to make this happen.

KnowCo has utilised Catalyst's insight capabilities to produce a research-based white paper.


Chris supported with lead generation and sales, freeing up time for KnowCo to develop their business in other areas.

As well as improving upon an early CRM built by Catalyst, Joseph also delivered engaging marketing content to grow the business presence online.

Ben co-produced a white paper for KnowCo on stress testing in smaller financial institutions, and Joseph undertook responsibility for its design, complementing its insight with the sharp design needed to help it land an impact in the field.

Joseph's highly successful LinkedIn promotional push gave the white paper the wide reach it deserved, and Catalysts's successful collaboration with KnowCo looks set to continue moving forward. 


Lucy Paine

I enjoy identifying, creating and nurturing collaborations in business to facilitate growth with experience in payments, education, technical and training - it's all about people.