Revenue Increased 67% after Using Yo!kart

by Manish Bhalla | September 8, 2016

Revenue Increased 67% after Using Yo!kart

Client testimonial

YoKart turned out to be just the right product we needed for developing our website.

The team behind Yo!Kart was also very professional and supportive, and assisted us greatly in customizing the website as per our requirements.

Onika Griffith-Elliot- Founder, Different of Cause.

Client profile

UK-based ecommerce store Different of Cause runs on a unique business model. The online marketplace operates with selected vendors who donate the 10% of their earning through the store towards a charity of their choice.

Product categories in which Different of Cause is currently dealing comprise Homeware, Jewelry, & Kids. As of now, there are 12 vendors partners working with the store who are associated with charities for kids, charities for healthcare, and for other social causes.


Different of Cause team contacted YoKart and explained their unique business model. The idea of an ecommerce business that has a good growth prospect in the local market, which at the same time is also giving back to the community, was very alluring to YoKart team, which has strived to bring a change through innovation and out of the box thinking.

Business idea and project requirements presented by Different of Cause team made it clear that YoKart would be the ideal ecommerce platform for the launch of their store.

Project approach

After reviewing the multivendor system, Different of Cause too found that YoKart is pretty much what they need for their ecommerce venture. After some further discussion and analysis, Different of Cause was set to launch their business with YoKart. 

Here are some of the chief areas we worked for with Different of Cause:

  • Turnkey Solution (responsive & SEO Ready)
  • Charity module development & integration
  • Website redesign planning
  • Information architecture
  • Wire-framing
  • Visual design
  • Responsive design
  • UX design
  • Content management system


Startup package

To be double sure about the compatibility of Different of Cause business model with YoKart system, the client chose to first go ahead with the basic (Startups) package with an investment of $250.

Go quick Package

After a few weeks, it became clear that YoKart is the right ecommerce platform for Different of Cause. So the client decided to switch to YoKart’s Go-Quick package ($999) so that they can get their store customized and get more exposure from target audience.

The first customization that took place was definitely charity module integration, after which store observed considerable growth in traction that it was receiving. As a result, Different of Cause began to get more recognition; therefore, grow more rapidly.


After customizing their store, Different of Cause gained a 65% increase in customer acquisition rate and 47% increase in revenue.


After running their business on the Go Quick package for a couple of months and observing constant business growth during that period, Different of Cause realized that their business now needed a unique image for their store. After consulting with YoKart team, they decided to move up to the Go Custom package ($5999) to get their entire online store designed from the scratch.

Once the deal was finalized, YoKart team began to build Different of Cause website design from the bottom up. Business coordinators, web designers, & UX experts brainstormed and worked together to come up with a website design that clearly depicts the client’s intention behind opening the business, as well as help them grow their business more rapidly.


Operation Efficiency: increased by 60% after website makeover.


Manish Bhalla

Manish Bhalla is the founder and CEO of India’s e-commerce web development and marketing agency FATbit Technologies. He acts as an e-commerce strategist and leads the way for businesses looking for secure space in a specific industry. Manish is acknowledged as an e-commerce expert who has helped many startups find strong footholds online with customer driven-solutions and high-powered growth.


Charity, Retail, Technology


Project status


Start date

September 2015

End date

July 2016

Project value


Cost savings


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