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You work hard to deliver excellent results for your client.
Capture your success and build your reputation with a
professional case study.


Too busy to write case studies?

It's the end of a long project, and writing a case study is the last thing on your to-do list. Create your case studies the smart way. Our experienced business writers will interview you and your client at a convenient time, to quickly produce a powerful case study that differentiates you from your competitors.

No writing involved - just tell your story.


“I really like the write-up; the style has a lot more flair than I could conjure.”

Geoff Caesar, Partner, Alinea Law

Keep your case studies safe

Case studies are valuable business assets, so once you have them, you won't want to lose them. Our secure cloud software and Android app keep your case studies safe, and give you total control. Restrict privacy to your team, accelerate proposal development with output to PowerPoint and Word or amplify your reach with our social and PR services.

A branded PDF template is available for print.


“I can always find my case studies when I need them, they're right here on my phone.”

Vince Warrington, CEO, Protective Intelligence

Win more work

Good case studies provide convincing evidence for client conversations. They help to win bids and pitches and drive PR and marketing efforts. We love translating technical detail into convincing case studies that speak to your target market.

Let us get your experience out of your head and into a case study format that will help you to grow your business, and free up your valuable time to concentrate on your clients.


“Whatever your business, case studies are vital. I think Case Study Ninja is wonderful!”

Evadney Campbell MBE, Managing Director, Shiloh PR

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