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What kinds of case studies can you write?
We offer three types of business case study at varying price points: Project profile, Case study and Marketing case study.
Our case studies are business case studies, also known as credentials, customer stories or success stories. They capture the challenge, solution and impact of your project.
What can I do with my case study once I’ve got it?
Once you’ve got your case study you can use it in a variety of ways. Here are some of the things that Case Study Ninja clients have used their case studies for:
How long does it take to develop the case study?
We aim to produce a first draft case study within five working days. From first enquiry to final draft usually takes around three weeks.
The most time-consuming part of developing the case study is scheduling the interviews and obtaining final permissions. While we handle that on your behalf, we cannot control the availability of individuals. We will keep you fully informed if there are any scheduling issues.
If you are working to particular date, perhaps for a bid, funding or award submission, please let us know as soon as possible. We can be flexible if it's going to help you hit a tight deadline.
Do you proof-read the case studies?
Yes. Even the most diligent writer misses the odd typo. All case studies are proof-read by a Case Study Ninja editor before the first and final draft are sent to you for review.
Our project is confidential, can you still help us?
We have a strong track record in working with confidential content, this includes work for charities and central Government.
We are comfortable signing an NDA where necessary, and will respect your confidentiality requirements. Please contact us directly to find out more.
Do you write in UK or US English?
Case Study Ninja is founded by Sarah Dillingham (UK) and David Stewart (US), with writers based in the UK, US, Australia and South Africa.
We will write in the form of English that best suits your audience.
Can you produce case studies in a language other than English?
At the moment we only interview and write in English. Eventually we would like to develop case studies in other languages.
I have a case study that I would like to get translated into English, can you do that?
Yes! we have done this several times. It's a two stage process where we translate the content into English, and then ask a native English speaker to re-write it. The final draft is proof-read by a native English speaker too.
I have 15 case studies that need writing, can you deliver them within a month?
Yes. If you require large set of case studies, we can accelerate the process by carrying out the interview and writing process in parallel by using more than one writer at a time.
I have some existing case studies but they aren't very good. Can you help?
Yes - we love to rewrite case studies and make them punchier. Please contact us to find out more.
Can you write thought leadership, white papers, LinkedIn profiles or bids?
Yes - our case study writers can work with you to produce thought leadership and white papers.
Thought leadership pieces can be quite involved so we price these on a bespoke basis. White papers usually involve external research, so again we would need to work with you to scope your requirements.
Bid writing is a very specialist skill and takes alot of time. We do not offer bid writing or support outside of case study production. We can recommend some excellent associates who can provide this service. Please contact us for more information.
We do not write CVs or LinkedIn profiles. Again we can recommend some great associate writers, please contact us for more information.
Am I interviewed at the same time as my client?
No. We carry out the two interviews separately. We have found that this is the best way to get a deep understanding of the work. It encourages your client to share authentic comments, and can provide you with client feedback that you may not hear otherwise.
I don't use Skype, how will you interview me?
Our most popular interview format is via Skype or Google Hangout. It is time efficient as it avoids travelling to meetings, and being able to see body language supports good communication.
If you cannot use these tools, we can interview you over the phone instead. Occasionally we are able to provide face to face interviews.
Who writes for Case Study Ninja?
Case Study Ninja partners with experienced business writers in the UK, US, Australia and South Africa. All of our writers go through an application and training process before they work with Case Study Ninja clients.
Writing skills alone are not enough.
We look for writers who can demonstrate an understanding of their sector, provide multiple examples of high-quality business writing, have English as a first language and display courtesy and professionalism.
How can I trust that your writers will be courteous to my client?
All of our writers go through an application and training process. Client courtesy is a huge part of this, and we only hire writers that understand how to work with business clients.
In addition, all scheduling and permission is managed by a dedicated Case Study Ninja account manager.
We take client relationship management very seriously. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any part of the service, please contact founder Sarah Dillingham directly.
How do you assign a writer to my case study?
We assign a writer is assigned to you based on their experience of your business sector, location and availability.
Where are your writers based?
Our writers are based in the UK, US, Australia and South Africa.
Who does the scheduling?
We do. Case Study Ninja is here to save you time. A Case Study Ninja account manager will organize interview times along with follow-ups for additional materials and client sign off.
Do I get to choose the design of my PDF case study?
You have a choice of 5 PDF layout styles, tailored to your brand colours and fonts. If you would like a bespoke design this can be arranged, just ask.
I'm a business writer, how to do I start working with you?
We are not taking on any new writers until summer 2016. If you are interested in joining us, and meet the application standards, please contact us.
How secure is Case Study Ninja?
Case Study Ninja is a cloud platform build on Google app engine. You can find out more about Google app engine security and compliance here:
What is the Dashboard?
The Dashboard is a secure, private tool to review, edit and manage your case studies. You can access the Dashboard at anytime from your laptop and phone.
One of the biggest advantages of the Dashboard is that it allows you to publish case studies directly to Word and PowerPoint without copying and pasting.
Can I output case studies to Word or PowerPoint in bulk?
Yes – you can do this directly from the ‘manage my case studies’ tab on the Dashboard by clicking on the PowerPoint or Word button and following the instructions.
This feature is optimized for PCs running Windows. We are looking at developing options for Macs in the future.
Who can read my case study?
If your case study is marked as private in your dashboard, it can be seen by you, your writer and Case Study Ninja admin. You can invite other colleagues into the dashboard to review the case study as required, this is your choice.
If your case study is published to the Case Study Library it can be read by anyone who visits our website.
Who owns the case study once it's written?
Once the case study is complete, it's all yours to do with as you please.
If you choose to publish your case study to our website, we reserve the right to show it off on social media and in the press. After all, that's the point.
Do I have to make my case study public on your website?
No - not at all. In fact, approximately half of our clients prefer to keep their case studies private for reasons of confidentiality.
What's the advantage of publishing my case study to your website?
In a word - discovery.
Sharing your case study to the Case Study Library gives your customer another place to find you, plus we try to get as many eyes as possible on your case study via our social media channels, our weekly email newsletter and press.
All Case Study Library case studies link to your website, and offer options to contact you directly, share your case study more widely and download it to PDF.
Will Google penalize me if I upload my case study to Case Study Ninja as well as having it on my website?
No - according to Google's guidance on the subject, you will not be penalized.
Google's duplicate content restrictions are aimed at:
  1. Reducing messy search results that show multiple hits to the same site (e.g. web page and print page)
  2. Discouraging people spamming the same content to hundreds of websites.
To ensure that you are fully compliant with Google SEO policies, remember to link back to your own website from your Case Study Ninja case study, user profile and team profile.
You can also use embed codes, and our WordPress plug in to surface your Case Study Ninja case studies on your own website.
Can I combine video and text in my case study?
Absolutely. If you have a video to accompany your case study, you can include that in the online version. It's easy to embed it from YouTube or Vimeo. Here's some examples from EnswarmTech-Wales and Concrete History.
Do you offer video case studies?
Yes! We partner with three talented video production companies to offer you outstanding video case studies at the competitive price of £3000. This service is currently only available in the UK. Please contact us for more details.
Can I upload case studies that haven't been written by Case Study Ninja to my app?
Yes! The purpose of the app is so that you can find your case studies whenever you need them, so we strongly encourage you to upload any existing case studies.
In fact, if you email them across to us we will happily upload up to 50 case studies on your behalf for free.
How can I find out if other people in my company have already signed up to Case Study Ninja?
Go to the Case Study Library and click on team – this will give you a list of all of the teams.
How do you keep your prices so reasonable?
We are committed to keeping our prices at a point where small and medium sized enterprises can afford them as well as the corporates.
We have set up our business to minimize our costs. This means no expensive office space or large advertising campaigns – much of our business comes from word of mouth referrals.
Do you offer discounts for charities or membership organisations?
We offer a 15% discount for registered charities.
We are open to working with membership organisations to offer discount rates for your members.
Please contact us to find out more.
Are you a marketplace for writers?
No - at Case Study Ninja we assign you both a dedicated account manager and a business writer to develop your case study.
This allows our writers to focus on what they do best, which is writing. Our account managers are on hand to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and that your client is looked after in a courteous and professional manner.