Washington Knight

Washington Knight

Washington Knight is an expert change consultancy.  

Washington Knight choose to keep their case studies private. Interested in what they're up to? Contact Sarah Dillingham today


David Stewart

CTO of Case Study Ninja

Sarah Dillingham

I run Case Study Ninja, talk to me today about how we can solve your case study headaches to save you time and help you win more work.

Dominic Howden

Dominic is an independent consultant whose primary background is in IT. He's worked on many large-scale projects for banking and telecoms clients, but his real skill lies in explanation. He can take the technical and the detailed, and make it straightforward and easy to understand. He'll help you and your company produce dynamic content for the world to see.

Sarah Gibson

I'm an experienced Bid Manager who prepares winning tenders, that convert into profitable contracts. I develop win themes that focus on the client’s need and aspirations; the resulting agreements provide long-term value and business growth for all stakeholders. Early engagement with key figures across the project ensures compliant, risk-balanced, correctly budgeted and appropriate proposals are designed for each opportunity.

Matt Duczeminski

Matt Duczeminski is a freelance writer with an incredibly long last name. He specializes in writing case studies, writing *about* case studies and reading anything he can get his hands on.

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