YoKart multivendor ecommerce system is a product of FATbit Technologies, a leading web solution provider driven by the mission to simplify things for startups. YoKart provides aspiring entrepreneurs an easy way to launch an ecommerce marketplace where thousands of online retailers can sell their products.


Product of the Year Award: Product of the Year - 2016

UK-based ecommerce store Different of Cause runs on a unique business model. The online marketplace operates with selected vendors who donate the 10% of their earning through the store towards a charity of their choice. Product categories in which Different of Cause is currently dealing comprise Homeware, Jewelry, & Kids. As of now, there are 12 vendors partners working with the store who are associated with charities for kids, charities for healthcare, and for other social causes.

Manish Bhalla

Manish Bhalla is the founder and CEO of India’s e-commerce web development and marketing agency FATbit Technologies. He acts as an e-commerce strategist and leads the way for businesses looking for secure space in a specific industry. Manish is acknowledged as an e-commerce expert who has helped many startups find strong footholds online with customer driven-solutions and high-powered growth.

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